Guys Guide To Dump Your Girlfriend

Guys Guide To Dump Your Girlfriend 1

Guys Guide To Dump Your Girlfriend 2Do you want to dump your girlfriend? In 3 out of every 4 break ups, the girl does the dumping. That means that guys often are inexperienced when they want to get out of relationships because in the past, it�s always been their girlfriends who have called it quits. So here�s a guys� guide to how to dump your girlfriend.

There are several ways to dump your girlfriend.

The first method is to �drift away.� You gradually stop calling her. You don�t go out on dates. You become emotionally unavailable. At some point, she�ll get the message. You may not even have to have a formal scene. It will be over without any words.

There are many ways to tell her that you are dumping her. You can take the coward�s way out and write her a letter or text message. But, don�t expect that you will be able to dump your girlfriend so easily. She will probably track you down and make a scene anyway.

Slightly better is to call her. This way, you at least have a chance to let her talk about it.

But if you are a real gentleman and you want to dump your girlfriend, you will tell her in person. If you are going to tell her in person, you need a strategy.

First of all, you need to decide where the dumping is going to take place. You may think a private place is best because there won�t be a public scene for you to be embarrassed at. However, when you are in a private home, you are likely to have drawn out crying on the part of your soon to be ex.

That�s why dumping her in public may be a better option. She is less likely to break down in tears. Also, if you dump your girlfriend in public, you can get up and walk away quickly.

Next, you have to decide how much to tell her. Being a woman, she�ll want to �talk� about the end of the relationship. This is the worst thing you can do. Plan to keep it as short as possible. You don�t want to hurt her, but you don�t want an extended conversation either. The best route is just to tell her that you are growing in a different direction.

If you want to stay friends, or even �friends with benefits,� you need to be more empathetic than if you plan to walk out of her life. If this is really goodbye, break up quickly and move on. However, if you move in the same social circles and will be seeing each other, you have to keep that in mind when you break up with her.

The best way to break up is with kindness and empathy. But, don�t let your ex control the circumstances of your break up. You are initiating it and you are in charge. And, that�s how to dump your girlfriend.

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