How to Properly Patch Potholes in Asphalt

How to Properly Patch Potholes in Asphalt 1

Understanding Potholes

Potholes are a common problem on roads and driveways. They happen when water under the road freezes and expands, creating holes in the pavement when it thaws. The weight of cars driving over the weakened pavement causes it to collapse and form potholes.

Assessing the Damage

Before fixing a pothole, it’s important to check how bad the damage is. Small potholes can usually be fixed with cold patch asphalt, but big ones might need a more serious repair.

Gathering Materials and Tools

  • Cold patch asphalt
  • Shovel and/or trowel
  • Broom
  • Compactor
  • Gloves and safety goggles
  • Sealant (if needed)
  • Be sure to have all the things you need to fix the pothole, like gloves, goggles, and a compactor to pack down the asphalt.

    Preparing the Pothole

    Clean the pothole and remove any water, dirt, or plants from it. Make sure it’s dry and ready for the patch.

    Applying the Patch

    Fill the pothole with cold patch asphalt. Use a shovel or trowel to spread and pack the asphalt. Then, use a compactor to make sure the patch is even with the rest of the road.

    How to Properly Patch Potholes in Asphalt 2

    Finishing Up

    After packing down the patch, seal the area around it to keep out water. Let it dry for at least a day before letting cars drive over it.

    Following these steps will help you fix potholes in the road and make it safer for everyone who drives on it. Access this external content to delve deeper into the subject. asphalt crack filler, broaden your understanding of the covered topic.

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